aesthetic Sims 4 CC


Hey there, I´m Anni and I´m obsessed with the sims!


I do not own any custom content posted on this website and every piece of CC and its thumbnail is credited to its creator.


After seeing a lot of aesthetic clothing on Instagram and Pinterest I fell in love with those cute outfits and decided to dress my Sims the same way. Sadly I couldn´t find a lot of CC that matched my thoughts and there were often no results in the search consoles.

After a lot of research I found a bunch of amazing CC which matched the different aesthetics I searched for so I decided to create my own website where I share the custom content I personally use in my game with you because I know how exhausting it can be to actually find good CC.


Unlike some resource pages, I only focus on Create a Sim items for male and female Sims only, which you can find in the menu section and also, I created 5 additional boards which are divided into these aesthetics:

You can also find these boards and many more on my Pinterest. With these, it should be easier for you to find your own aesthetic CC and feel free to use my website as your resource anytime!


If you want me to share some CC or show me a great creator, or want to suggest a change please dm me on my Instagram or write an E-Mail to

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